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On December 8, 2020, I was one of 9 people arrested by the DGSI for a so-called terrorist association, without any fact having taken place and without the existence of any project. On April 4, 2023, one year to the day, after the end of my 36-day hunger strike, which almost ended in death, a hearing is taking place at the Administrative Court of Versailles on two of my numerous appeals (made every 3 months) against this torture regime. During my entire preventive incarceration, the “justice” refused to rule on them urgently. These clearly political refusals, as I learned, had as only interest to continue the pressures on my person, without having to respect their law.

The United Nations defines torture as: “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person; by or with the consent of a public official; for the purpose of obtaining information or a ‘confession’, punishing, intimidating or coercing that person.”

This is exactly what happened when I was placed in solitary confinement, even more so when this solitary confinement is imposed in pre-trial detention and in an illegal manner.. Yet the circular of April 14, 2011 states, in summary, that one cannot be placed in isolation for the facts that one is accused of (or for which someone has been convicted). The reason must be a behavior called “inappropriate” or “dangerous”. In spite of this, the management of the prison (MA) imposed me for sixteen months in solitary confinement by saying very clearly that it was based only on the facts of the accusation, while recognizing that my behavior was not a problem. I was also able to learn from the mouth of the director of detentions of the MA of Yvelines that my placement and my maintenance in solitary confinement had been decided since the first day by very high ranking persons and that whatever I said or he said or did, nothing would make it, that it was beyond him, that I would remain in the solitary confinement. So, without any embarrassment, a person’s rights are violated and so-called “white torture” is applied. Without my hunger strike, I might still be there today.

I was able to see the violence of this process and to feel the desire for annihilation as its end. It was only when I felt the nothingness absorbing me that, as a last burst of life, I put it in the balance by starting a hunger strike to get out of it. The situation was such that I had nothing left to lose, my life was already unraveling.

I cannot define the inhuman reality of solitary confinement any better than I did before in my letters, including those of April 2021, June 2021 and February 18, 2022, which I invite you to read to better understand the hell of this condition of confinement.1 At this time, it is still very painful for me to read them, so much this violently traumatic experience is incrusted in me.

Isolation should not be confused with loneliness. No! Isolation is to solitude what lobotomy is to meditation. Isolation is not a physical torture existing by a fact or an act, but a more pernicious, invisible, permanent torture existing by this continuous absence.

From one day to the next, I found myself without any social relations, only able to leave my cell accompanied by a senior officer and two guards, with palpations and security gates (at least five times a day). At the end of each visit, without exception, there was also a strip search. The only “exits” are into the anxiety-provoking space that is the individual walk, a concrete box, where the 20m2 of concrete above our heads is covered with multiple fences and barbed wire.

I could observe the real walks, I could see the inmates exist, I could see that they were so free. Imagine the violence of the isolation to consider people locked up 24 hours a day as being free. They couldn’t see me because of the quadruple dose of bars and grating on my window. I was once again non-existent.

I think we construct our vision of ourselves by what others reflect back to us. But then, how can we exist when there are no others? When others don’t even see us? Would isolation have for goal the annihilation of oneself? Before I am even judged, should I cease to exist? These are some of my questions at the time.

Checks are carried out every two hours, day and night. At night the control is inevitably accompanied by the switching on of the lights, thus preventing one from having a real sleep. The opening of the door locks is noisy and being surprised by this sound makes you jump, gives a jolt to the heart, a rise of stress.

In isolation, many disorders appeared and increased over the months: concentration problems, difficulties in constructing one’s thoughts, daze, loss of temporal reference points, headaches, dizziness, loss of memory, visual disorders, thoracic pressure, cardiac pain, joint pain, problem of access to one’s own brain, fear of the disappearance of one’s knowledge, etc.

But worst of all, it was the brain that was going off the rails, the thought not being transformed into speech and therefore not receiving any feedback, no longer managing to modulate itself, to materialize, it became elusive, like a confused fog, the impression of being dumbed down, as if in a state of shock, of being paralyzed by thought. My brain was functioning in slow motion, thoughts were not renewed and were looping without really evolving.

The most pernicious thing about isolation is that it makes the real unreal. Since one is permanently alone with oneself, with one’s own thoughts as the only interaction, the real world does not materialize. During visiting hours, these unique moments of social interaction, are as much a pleasure as they are an upheaval; one goes, without transition, from lethargic cerebral stasis to human “contact” without any time to adapt! The relatives relate a world that seems imaginary during moments that, once over, seem to have been only a dream.

Apart from short medical visits (often less than a minute) to the isolation ward, without guaranteeing any semblance of medical confidentiality, getting an appointment is not always easy, but even harder is being taken there. And when this happens, all our ailments are considered “normal in view of these conditions of detention”. I have never, despite my repeated requests, been able to see a psychologist. What is interesting to see is that being in solitary confinement creates psychic and physical disorders that cannot be properly followed up due to the fact that one is in solitary confinement. It’s such nonsense that it’s hard to believe it’s an accident.

On top of all this, the isolation prevents any activity within the prison, impossible to work, impossible to follow courses or trainings.

The prison administration (AP) imposes a balance of power and an arbitrary operation. The respect of our rights is not acquired, it is won by an internal legal struggle. I wonder how a person who is not supported by a lawyer, who does not speak the language well, can have his rights respected.

[The Sequels]

In isolation, I didn’t even have the leisure to do nothing, to let myself go and talk with other humans. It was a question of survival to occupy my time, this time that had become infinite and antagonistic. After this stay out of the world and out of time, coming back to the world of the living and their frantic rhythm disrupted my functioning, I no longer had any reference point, no notion, no habit. Since my release, almost a year, I still haven’t readapted, I feel like I’m swimming against the current, I’m running but I’m not accomplishing anything, I’m exhausted struggling in a race against the clock, lost in advance. I feel like a Don Quixote fighting against the windmills in time.

I am well aware that in our so-called modern society, many people complain about not having enough time to do everything they want. Concerning my release from isolation, I went from an antipode -where this time, by its immobility, is a torture- to its opposite extreme. This upheaval of such amplitude impacts me without measure whereas I find a semblance of real life.

The memory problems that arose and amplified during this period of isolation did not disappear when I got out. Information continued to flow out of my head as quickly as it had flowed in. How many times have I asked the same question three or four times in the same conversation? Although today I sometimes surprise myself and enjoy remembering things that didn’t distract me, I am still far from having recovered my memory faculties. Will I find them one day?

One of the most damaging after-effects is my relationship with others. I like to define myself as a social individual, but I find myself struggling to interact with my fellow human beings. I am now unable to find myself with a large number of friends. Beyond five or six people, I feel overwhelmed, caught in a whirlwind of words, facial expressions, body language, too numerous to be deciphered at once. I find myself uncomfortable and tend to fade away. But even with a smaller number, other difficulties surface. I find it difficult to differentiate between what is private thought and what is for discussion, for sharing. I often turn my thoughts over and over in my head, unable to express them and unable to start a conversation. I have become a poor conversationalist.

So, in this situation, how can I meet new people? How can I make new friends when my friends are outside the only department I am assigned to? I am still fond of humor (if not funny), but alas, there is a thorn in my side… How can I allow myself to make jokes freely when I know that many of these jokes, decontextualized, are incriminating in our file? When we are worried about the serious consequences that a harmless joke can have, how can we keep a carefree attitude? Concerned, I am permanently, without any respite. What social relationships are we capable of building when we only have our own problems in mind, in our mouths?

Sixteen months without human contact, with only physical contact, the palpations of the supervisors, this considerably changes the relationship to affect. An ambivalent relationship is created. Like an insatiable need for affection that can become suffocating for the others and, at the same time, not really conceiving physical contact as communication. Feeling, if not attacked, at least uncomfortable when a friend gently puts a hand on your arm, when a friend puts their head on your shoulder for two seconds. Wanting too much or too little, or both, again, is a balance that is broken.

When we are violently forced to leave the world, by placing us in isolation, we find ourselves as strangers to it. Leaving does not mean returning to normal. No, there are the others, the living and this deeply traumatized being who must, but does not know how, heal his wounds. Not knowing what to say, how to say it, how to behave, or where to be is a continuity of the confinement even outside. The feeling of being locked up in one’s head, in one’s carcass. A need to exult which alas never arrives.

Of course this is nothing like the suffering undergone in isolation, in the caves of the republic.

I may be undergoing psychotherapy, but I don’t see the benefit of it. It just sends me back, by reformulation, by removing the denials and euphemisms used as a defense mechanism, the odious torture suffered and the v(i)ol of my being. Let’s hope that the next phases will bear some fruit.

On April 4, 2023, the French state, through its “justice” will have to answer for this illegal act of torture, repressed by its own law. I am not worried about the outcome. France is well known by the European human rights authorities for its non-respect in this matter. It has the habit of paying, as if it were washing its hands, and continuing its unacceptable practices, supposedly “in the name of the French people”. I hope that this hearing will be, on its modest scale, like a stone removed from the edifice of prison violence.

Libre Flot

March 30, 2023



Cosa è successo?

Martedì 8 dicembre 2020, 9 compagni sono stati arrestati dalla DGSI, l’unità di polizia antiterrorismo francese. Gli arresti sono avvenuti in tutto il paese: a Tolosa, in Dordogna, nella regione di Parigi, in Bretagna e a Rennes. Gli anarchici sono accusati di essere “un’associazione criminale che pianifica un attentato terroristico”. Tutti i compagni tranne uno sono stati infine rilasciati, alcuni dopo mesi di detenzione preventiva. Adesso sono in attesa di giudizio e sono posti sotto controllo giudiziario. Gli imputati, che in alcuni casi non si conoscono tra loro, sono stati lungamente spiati prima del loro arresto, attraverso la sorveglianza digitale, l’installazione di dispositivi di registrazione nei loro veicoli e la sorveglianza fisica.

L’unico compagno ancora incarcerato, di nome Libre Flot, è tenuto in isolamento, con accesso limitato ai visitatori. Il motivo ufficiale per giustificare la sua detenzione in queste condizioni mentre tutti gli altri imputati sono stati rilasciati si trova nel fatto che le autorità e il tribunale lo identificano come il capo di un “gruppo”. È così che razionalizzano le rigide condizioni della sua detenzione: queste dovrebbero servire a prevenire la sua cosiddetta possibile influenza sugli altri prigionieri.

All’inizio di febbraio, dopo più di un anno di carcere, un giudice ha respinto l’appello di Libre Flot per essere rilasciato e attendere il processo senza essere trattenuto dietro le sbarre.

Per sostenere gli anarchici che sono stati criminalmente incastrati nel caso del gruppo “8 dicembre”, in Francia è stato formato il Comitato 8/12. Finora, la copertura internazionale è stata limitata a causa della barriera linguistica. Ora abbiamo bisogno della solidarietà internazionale e vorremmo rivolgere un appello ai compagni di tutto il mondo.

Quale supporto è necessario e come puoi contribuire?

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  • Scrivi regolarmente lettere e invia cartoline. Organizza occasioni per rompere l’isolamento dei compagni in prigionia, per sostenerli e per dimostrare che non sono soli. Se vuoi scrivere qualcosa, inviare articoli, brochure, disegni, lettere, racconti di viaggio, ecc… sentiti libero, penseremo noi ad inoltrarli:

Per posta:

Comité812 Tolosa: Itinéraire Bis – 22 rue Périole – 31500 Tolosa

Comité812 Rennes: CNT 35 , BP 30423, 35004 RENNES Cedex

Comité812 Parigi: L.A.P. 393 rue de Vaugirard 75015 PARIGI

Per e-mail:

comiterennes8decembre [at] riseup [punto] net

laisseznousdanser [at] riseup [punto] net

comiteamiens8decembre [at] riseup [punto] net

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  • Lavora per rendere il nostro movimento più resistente alla repressione, imparando dalle sconfitte e dai fallimenti del movimento anarchico, nel passato e nel presente.

L’8 dicembre non è un caso isolato

La repressione del gruppo “8 dicembre” è molto simile ad altri casi che si sono verificati in tutto il mondo nel quadro della repressione antiterrorismo e della sua narrativa. Se osserviamo le operazioni Pandora (Spagna), Backfire (U.S.A.), Network case (Russia), Fénix (Repubblica Ceca) o Tarnac (Francia), possiamo trovare interessanti analogie. Il modo in cui avviene la repressione è spettacolare: arrivano furgoni non contrassegnati e le forze di polizia prendono d’assalto gli spazi abitativi di diversi individui. Passamontagna, armi automatiche e scudi antiproiettile vengono impiegati per far sembrare più seria l’operazione e ritrarre gli arrestati come individui altamente pericolosi. A volte i casi prevedono “l’intrappolamento” o provocazione – l’infiltrazione da parte di agenti di polizia che incoraggiano e inducono i soggetti a commettere reati. In seguito, l’operazione riceve un impulso mediatico: la polizia rivendica la riuscita neutralizzazione di una cellula o di una rete terroristica, demonizza le persone arrestate, le ritrae in maniera suggestiva. Successivamente, il caso va avanti per alcuni anni con prove scarse o insignificanti sull’oggetto e sulla portata dell’accusa originale. I compagni trascorrono da pochi mesi a più di un anno in detenzione, spesso in condizioni molto rigide. Quando finalmente si arriva in tribunale, il processo rivela la mancanza di prove, i buchi nella narrativa dell’indagine e un caso nel complesso debole e poco convincente. Il caso va infine in pezzi, le persone vengono dichiarate non colpevoli, ricevono la libertà vigilata o una punizione minore rispetto a quella suggerita dallo spaventoso caso di terrorismo proposto inizialmente.

Le autorità di tutto il mondo stanno lavorando a strategie per combinare diversi movimenti radicali, ripristinare la propria legittimità e diventare più efficienti nel reprimere gli elementi della società che minacciano lo status quo offrendo alternative, praticando la resistenza e l’organizzazione rivoluzionaria. Se vogliamo essere forti come movimento, dobbiamo lavorare su come difenderci dalla repressione, neutralizzandone l’efficacia senza neutralizzare noi stessi, nonché su come sostenere i compagni che sono su uno dei tanti fronti della nostra lotta, detenuti nelle carceri. Solidarietà significa costruire il movimento, non solo in reazione alle mosse dello Stato. Quando i nostri compagni sono tenuti in prigione o affrontano qualsiasi altro tipo di repressione, dobbiamo prendere tutte le nostre reazioni emotive, compresa la rabbia, e applicarle su un’organizzazione strategica a lungo termine con la stessa serietà e determinazione che stiamo provando in questo momento. Possiamo imparare da questi modelli simili di repressione in tutto il mondo.

Se sei interessato, leggi l’articolo Taking a Global View at Repression: -week-of-solidarity-with-anarchist-prisoners) e la brochure Repression Patterns in Europe (

Solidarietà ai compagni accusati nel caso dell’8 dicembre!

Finché tutti saranno liberi.

Aktualizacja: 4 kwietnia i zwolnienie Libre Flot

W miniony poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia byliśmy świadkami entuzjastycznych reakcji na wezwanie do działania w ramach solidarności z Libre Flot. W całej Europie odbyły się akcje, w tym demonstracje przed ambasadami i konsulatami Francji; akcje pisania listów i inne formy wsparcia były widoczne także w innych częściach świata, aż po Rosję i Stany Zjednoczone. To porywające, że w tak krótkim czasie i bez koordynacji udało się uzyskać tak duże międzynarodowe poparcie.

Kopenhaga, Dania:

Albi, Francja

Marsylia, Francja

Monachium, Niemcy:

Ateny, Grecja:

Thessaloniki, Grecja:

Kraków, Polska:

Lizbona, Portugalia

Bern & Genewa, Szwajcaria:

Bristol, UK:

Kyiv, Ukarina:

Inne miejsca

4 kwietnia wieczorem Libre Flot zdecydował się zakończyć strajk głodowy z powodu pogarszającego się stanu zdrowia. W czwartek, 7 kwietnia Libre Flot został zwolniony na mocy postanowienia sędziego z powodów medycznych i przewieziony do cywilnego szpitala, gdzie został poddany leczeniu.
Należy jednak podkreślić, że nie jest to koniec jego walki, nie należy też zaprzestać międzynarodowego wsparcia dla niego.

Libre Flot jest zobowiązany do regularnego zgłaszania się na policję i musi nosić elektroniczną bransoletkę. Co więcej, sędzia ma prawo wrzucić go z powrotem do więzienia, jeśli jego stan zdrowia się poprawi.

Oświadczenie Libre Flota o zakończeniu strajku głodowego:

Te prawie 16 miesięcy spędzone w odosobnieniu pozostawiło we mnie o wiele więcej konsekwencji fizycznych, ale przede wszystkim psychicznych i mentalnych niż 10 miesięcy wojny w Syrii.

[Więcej] nawet niż to, co przeżyłem podczas wyzwolenia Raqqi, stając twarzą w twarz z oddziałami Daesh broniącymi zaciekle stolicy swojego kalifatu,

Pozostaję oszołomiony nie tylko cenzurą, jaka otacza moją sytuację, ale przede wszystkim milczeniem wobec mojej uzasadnionej i rozsądnej prośby ze strony rządu francuskiego, PNAT (Krajowej Prokuratury Antyterrorystycznej) i sędziego śledczego Jeana-Marca Herbauta, demonstrujących w ten sposób wybór, by pozwolić mi umrzeć!

Jednak w dniu moich urodzin, po 36 dniach strajku głodowego, kiedy mój stan zdrowia staje się bardziej niebezpieczny niż kiedykolwiek, dokonuję wyboru życia jako odrodzenia, nowego życia, które tej wiosny towarzyszy i odwraca się od potencjalnego śmiertelnego wyniku. 4 kwietnia 2022 r. o godz. 18.00 postanowiłem zatankowaćdo pełna.

Ale nic się teraz nie kończy, pozostaję zamknięty, pogrzebany żywcem i bardziej niż kiedykolwiek liczę na Wasze wsparcie i apel o solidarność.

Powtarzam, że proszę jedynie o traktowanie mnie jak wszystkich współoskarżonych, czyli o zwolnienie mnie na czas, aby móc wykazać oszczerczą stronę tego haniebnego oskarżenia o terroryzm, które nie trzyma się kupy.

Z pozdrowieniami i szacunkiem,

Libre Flot.

Libre Flot o swoim zwolnieniu:

Dzisiaj, 7 kwietnia 2022 r., zostałem zwolniony z powodów medycznych, pod nadzorem elektronicznej bransolety…

Zostałem przeniesiony do szpitala na wolności, aby skorzystać z wszelkiej niezbędnej opieki wynikającej z tego długiego okresu wycieńczenia. Będę mógł skupić się na odbudowie mojego ciała, intelektu i psychiki.

To dla mnie wspaniała wiadomość, choć droga do rozbicia fikcji oskarżenia o terroryzm, znanej jako afera 8.12, jest zapewne jeszcze długa.

Ale nie zapomniałem o Was i chciałbym z całego serca podziękować wszystkim ludziom, organizacjom i grupom, które mnie wspierały i rozpowszechniały.

Nie mam słów, by wyrazić moją wdzięczność!

Jeszcze raz dziękuję,


Libre Flot

Przetłumaczono z:

To, co wydarzyło się w zeszłym tygodniu, było małym, ale znaczącym krokiem międzynarodowej solidarności i walki więziennej. Mimo to nie ma czasu na samozadowolenie. Na całym świecie wiele osób pozostaje w więzieniach. Wzywamy do nieustannego wspierania Libre Flot i wszystkich więźniów, dopóki wszyscy nie będą wolni.

UPDATE: The 4th of April and the release of Libre Flot

Last Monday, the 4th of April, we saw enthusiastic responses to the call of action in solidarity with Libre Flot. There were actions across Europe including demonstrations in front of French embassies and consulates; letter writing events and other forms of support were also seen in other parts of the world, as far as Russia and the United States. It is exhilarating to see the amount of international support generated organically in such short amount of time and without coordination.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Albi, France:

Marseille, France:

Munich, Germany:

Athens, Greece:

Thessaloniki, Greece:

Krakow, Poland:

Lisbon, Portugal

Bern & Geneva, Switzerland:

Bristol, UK:

Kyiv, Ukraine:

More locations:

In the evening of the 4th, Libre Flot decided to end the hunger strike amidst deteriorating health. Later on Thursday, the 7th of April, Libre Flot was released by order of the judge based on medical reason, and was transferred to a civilian hospital to receive recovery treatment.

However, it needs to be stressed that this is not the end to his struggle, nor the international support for him should ceased. Libre Flot is obligated to report to the police regularly and is required to wear an electronic bracelet. More over, it is the prerogative of the judge to throw him back into jail should his health improves.

Libre Flot’s statement on the end of his hunger strike:

While these almost 16 months of solitary confinement have left me with much more consequences both physical but above all mental and psychological than 10 months of war in Syria.

Even as I survived the liberation of Raqqa, facing Daesh troops defending tooth and nail the capital of their caliphate,

I remain flabbergasted not only by the censorship that is made around my situation, but especially in front of the silence vis-à-vis my legitimate and reasonable request on the part of the French government, the PNAT (National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office), the investigating judge Jean-Marc Herbaut, thus demonstrating their choice to let me die!

Yet on this birthday, after 36 days of hunger strike when my state of health becomes more hazardous than ever, I make the choice of life as a rebirth, a new life that this spring accompanies and turns its back on a potential fatal outcome. This April 4, 2022 at 6 p.m., I decided to refuel.

But nothing ends now, I remain locked up, buried alive and more than ever, I hope for your support and call for solidarity.

I reiterate that I ask only to be treated like all co-accused, namely to be released the time to be able to demonstrate the slanderous side of this shameful terrorist accusation that does not hold water.

Greetings and respect,

Libre Flot.

Libre Flot’s message regarding his release:

Today, 7 April 2022, I have been released, under electronic bracelet, for medical reasons…

I have been transferred to a hospital, free, to benefit from all the care necessary as a result of this long period of inanition. I will be able to focus on rebuilding my body, my intellect and my psyche.

This is great news for me, although the road ahead to shatter the charade of the terrorist accusation, known as the 8.12 affair, is probably still long.

But I have not forgotten you and I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people, collectives and organizations that supported me and spread the word.

I have no words to express my gratitude!

Thank you again,


Libre Flot

Translated from:

What happened last week was a small yet significant step of international solidarity as well as prison struggle. Nonetheless, there is no time to be complacent. Many more remain locked up across the world. We call for the continuous support for Libre Flot and all prisoners until everyone is free.

KIEV: Solidarity to Libre Flot

The Anarchist/Anti-authoritarian comrades of Operation Solidarity Kyiv are managing the culminating point of a vast international logistical network that provides military, medical and other supplies, particularly to anti-authoritarian units and individuals who are fighting in the resistance to the Russian Invasion. 
Today, on the 4th of April, despite operating under a very busy schedule with high stakes, within a war zone, they took the time to manifest their solidarity with Libre Flot!

Certains sont des héros, alors que d’autres sont des terroristes

Déclaration pour la journée internationale de soutien à Libre Flot.

Le 24 février l’armée russe à lancé sa guerre de conquête contre l’Ukraine. Cette guerre brutale a créé un sentiment de choc à travers le monde. En réponse, des milliers d’internationaux se sont précipités en Ukraine pour participer à la défense. Ils sont reçus à bras ouverts, peu importe leur point de vue politique. Nombreux sont ceux à travers le monde à les considérer comme des héros, particulièrement dans l’Ouest et même certains gouvernements.

A la même saison sept ans plus tôt, les forces emmenées par les Kurdes ont libéré la région de Kobanê dans le nord est de la Syrie des militants de l’Etat Islamique qui y avaient infligé une cruauté inimaginable à la population. Mais il faudra quatre ans de plus pour que les Forces Démocratiques Syriennes Kurdo-Arabes prennent leur dernier bastion sur la rive est de l’Euphrate à Deir-ez-Zor. Comme aujourd’hui en Ukraine, de nombreux internationaux de la Chine au Brésil ont fait le voyage jusqu’en Irak et en Syrie et combattu aux côté des forces locales contre ce groupe terroriste. Libre Flot était l’un d’eux.

Libre Flot est allé en Syrie à cause de son amour pour la vie, l’humanité et la liberté. En véritable internationaliste il a vu cette souffrance lointaine comme la sienne, le combat contre la tyranie dans un autre pays comme son propre combat. Malgré tout, après son retour il n’a pas reçu un accueil héroïque mais à été suivi par la police, son téléphone mis sur écoute. Il a été arrêté le 8 décembre 2020 et, sur la base d’accusation bancales et de preuves douteuses, a été placé en détention préventive à l’isolement pendant 15 mois sous le prétexte d’être le leader d’une organisation terroriste.

Pendant que les médias français et les politiques chantent les louanges des volontaires partis se battre en Ukraine, et pendant que l’armée française continue ses soit-disant opérations antiterroriste au Mali, au Chad et dans d’autres pays, Libre Flot -quelqu’un dont le seul crime a été de combattre un véritable groupe terroriste dans un pays étranger pour défendre la liberté de son peuple à été enfermé dans la prison de Bois D’Arcy jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

Libre Flot est toujours en grève de la faim à l’heure où nous parlons. Il a déjà perdu 16kg mais son esprit reste fort et sa détermination à se battre pur sa liberté reste inchangée. Aujourd’hui, le 4 avril, est un jour symbolique. Pas seulement parce que c’est l’anniversaire de Flot ; c’est aussi l’anniversaire d’Abdullah Ocalan qui purge une peine de prison à vie en Turquie depuis 1999. Aujourd’hui nous sommes réunis, pas seulement pur montrer notre solidarité à Libre Flot, mais aussi pour montrer notre solidarité avec tous les prisonniers politiques autour du monde.

Aujourd’hui, 37 jours après le début de sa grève de la faim nous exigeons la fin de cette grotesque parodie de justice. Nous exigeons son immédiate libération. Nous condamnons ce système judiciaire corrompu qui a privé Libre Flot et tant d’autres de leur liberté sur la base de la présemption de culpabilité. Nous condamnons la logique antiterroriste qui est employee par l’état français et tant d’autres pour réduire au silence les activistes politiques et les dissidents. Nous condamnons l’hypocrisie de l’état français qui violes éhontément sa propre devise “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” et persécute celles et ceux qui se battent pour la respecter.

Solidarité avec Libre Flot !

Solidarité avec tous les prisonniers politiques !

Personne n’est libre
tant que tout le monde n’est pas libre !

Un groupe international de solidarité à Libre Flot.


Bohaterowie i “Terroryści”

Oświadczenie na Międzynarodowy Dzień Akcji Solidarności z Libre Flot

24 lutego rosyjskie wojsko rozpoczęło wojnę przeciwko Ukrainie. Ta brutalna wojna wstrząsnęła wieloma osobami na całym świecie. W odpowiedzi tysiące obcokrajowców przyjechało na Ukrainę, aby wziąć udział w jej obronie. Są oni witani w Ukrainie z otwartymi ramionami, bez względu na ich poglądy polityczne. Wielu ludzi na całym świecie, zwłaszcza na Zachodzie, a nawet niektóre rządy, czci ich jako bohaterów.

W tym samym czasie siedem lat temu siły kurdyjskie wyzwoliły Kobani w północnej Syrii z rąk bojowników Państwa Islamskiego, którzy dopuszczali się niewyobrażalnego okrucieństwa wobec ludności. Musiały jednak minąć kolejne cztery lata, zanim kurdyjskie i arabskie Syryjskie Siły Demokratyczne zdobyły ich ostatnią twierdzę na wschodnim brzegu Eufratu w Deir ez-Zor.

Podobnie jak w dzisiejszej Ukrainie, wielu obcokrajowców, od Chin po Brazylię, pojechało do Syrii i Iraku i walczyło ramię w ramię z miejscowymi siłami, aby pokonać tę grupę terrorystyczną. Jednym z nich był Libre Flot.

Libre Flot pojechał do Syrii z miłości do życia, człowieczeństwa i wolności. Jest prawdziwym internacjonalistą, który widział cierpienie w dalekich krajach jako swoje własne cierpienie, a walkę z tyranią na obcej ziemi jako swoją własną walkę. Jednak po powrocie do kraju nie spotkał się z przyjęciem godnym bohatera, lecz był śledzony przez policję i założono mu podsłuch na telefon. Został aresztowany 8 grudnia 2020 r. i na podstawie sfabrykowanych zarzutów i słabych dowodów trafił na 15 miesięcy do aresztu śledczego i izolatki pod pretekstem, że jest przywódcą organizacji terrorystycznej.

Podczas gdy francuskie media i niektórzy politycy wychwalają ochotników walczących w Ukrainie, a francuskie wojsko kontynuuje tzw. operację antyterrorystyczną w Mali, Czadzie i innych krajach, Libre Flot — osoba, której jedynym przestępstwem była walka z prawdziwymi terrorystami na obcej ziemi w obronie tamtejszych obywateli — jeszcze niecałe dwa tygodnie temu był zamknięty w więzieniu Bois-d’Arcy.

Obecnie Libre Flot kontynuuje strajk głodowy w szpitalu. Schudł już 16 kg, ale pozostaje silny duchem i jest zdeterminowany, by walczyć o swoją wolność. Dzisiejszy dzień, 4 kwietnia, jest dniem symbolicznym. To nie tylko urodziny Libre Flot, to także urodziny Abdullaha Öcalana, który od 1999 r. odsiaduje w Turcji wyrok dożywocia. Dziś jesteśmy tu nie tylko po to, by okazać nasze wsparcie dla Libre Flot, ale także, by zademonstrować naszą solidarność ze wszystkimi więźniami politycznymi na całym świecie.

Dzisiaj, trzydzieści siedem dni od rozpoczęcia strajku głodowego, żądamy natychmiastowego zakończenia tego groteskowego przejawu niesprawiedliwości. Żądamy natychmiastowego uwolnienia Libre Flota.

Potępiamy skorumpowany wymiar sprawiedliwości, który odebrał Libre Flotowi i wielu innym wolność na podstawie domniemania winy. Potępiamy logikę antyterrorystyczną, którą państwo francuskie i wiele innych państw stosowało w celu uciszenia działaczy politycznych i dysydentów. Potępiamy hipokryzję państwa francuskiego, które bezwstydnie łamie swoje własne motto „Wolność, Równość, Braterstwo” i ściga tych, którzy o nie walczą.

Solidarność z Libre Flot!

Solidarność z wszystkimi
więźniami politycznymi!

Nikt nie będzie wolny,
dopóki wszyscy nie będziemy wolni!

Od międzynarodowej grupy osób
solidaryzujących się z Libre Flot


Some are Heroes, While Others are Terrorists

Statement for the International Day of Action in Solidarity with Libre Flot

On the 24th of February, the Russian military launched their war of conquest against Ukraine. This brutal war shocked many around the world. In response, thousands of foreigners flocked to Ukraine to participate in its defense. They are welcomed in Ukraine with open arms, regardless of their political background. Many around the world also celebrate them as heroes – particularly in the West, and even by some governments.

In the same season seven years ago, Kurdish-led forces liberated the area of Kobani in Northern Syria from Islamic State militants who inflicted unimaginable cruelty on the population. But it would take another four years until the Kurdish and Arab Syrian Democratic Forces captured their last stronghold on the east bank of the Euphrates in Deir ez-Zor. Like in present day Ukraine, many foreigners from China to Brazil traveled to Syria and Iraq and fought side by side with local forces to defeat this terrorist group. One of them was Libre Flot.

Libre Flot went to Syria due to his love for life, humanity, and freedom. He is a true internationalist, that he saw the suffering afar as his own suffering, the fight against tyranny in a foreign land as his own fight. Yet upon his return, he did not receive a hero welcome, but was followed by police and had his phone wiretapped. He was arrested on the 8th of December 2020, and based on fabricated claims and flimsy evidence, he was put into pre-trial detention and solitary confinement for 15 months, under the pretense of him being the leader of a terrorist organization.

While the French media and some politicians are singing praises of the volunteers fighting in Ukraine; and while the French military is still continuing their so-called anti-terrorism operation in Mail, Chad and other countries, Libre Flot – a person whose only crime was fighting against actual terrorists in a foreign land in defense of its people, was locked away in the Bois-d’Arcy prison until less than two weeks ago.

Libre Flot is persisting on his hunger strike in a hospital as we speak. He has already lost 16kg but remains strong in his spirit and is determined to fight for his freedom. Today, the 4th of April, is a symbolic day. Not only it is Libre Flot’s birthday; it is also the birthday of Abdullah Öcalan, who has been serving a life sentence in Turkey since 1999. Today, we are here not only to show our support for Libre Flot, but also to demonstrate our solidarity with all political prisoners across the world.

On this day, thirty-seven days since the start of his hunger strike, we demand an immediate end to this grotesque display of injustice. We demand the release of Libre Flot at once. We condemn this corrupted justice system that had taken away Libre Flot and many others freedom based on the presumptions of guilt. We condemn this logic of anti-terrorism that has been employed by the French state and many other states to silence political activists and dissidents. We condemn the French state’s hypocrisy, which shamelessly violates their own motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and prosecutes those who actually fight for it.

Solidarity with Libre Flot!

Solidarity with all political prisoners!

No one is free until we are all free!

From an international group of people
in solidarity with Libre Flot


Sedeman ku ez ketim grêva birçîbûnê

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku min xwe ji vê tawanbarkirin parestiye, ya ku navê min reş dike û min wekî ‘hevkarê terorîstan’ pênase dike. Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku Reverberîya Gîştî ya Ewlekarîya Hindirin a Fransa (ango ‘DGSI’) ji min re got ku sedemê girtîna min ne ev bû ku ez tevlî hezên Kurd ên li Rojavayê Kurdistanê bûbûm û li hember DAÎŞ’ê sekînîbûm – tev ku xwestekê desthilatên Fransayê hebû ku min ev yekê bawer kir!

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku tû tîstek îdiaya DGSI ya ku ji sifr hat afîrandin, dupat nekir. Lêbelê di van 10 heyv de ez hatim bi rengekî bênavber şopandin û ser sîxûr kirin. Cehazên qeydkirina ding li erebêya min, malê min û heta cihê razanêya min hatin bi cih kirin.

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku min fêm kir ku ew dixwazin nêrînên min ên sîyasî û tevlîbûna min a di nav refên YPG’ê de, wekî tawanek pênase dikin. Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku 7 kes ku hev dû nas nakin wekî endamên ‘rêxistineke terorîstan’ tên tawanbar kirin.

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku ez li ber dadmendekî lêpirsînê bûme û min bersîvên pîrsên wî didayê. Ew û DGSI’ê heman nêzikatî û awayên acîzkirina mîrov bi kar tînin: manîpulasyon, derxistîna ‘agahdarîya derdora’ (ango contekst), û afîrandina gotînan û ‘rastîyan’ bi armanc ku ew bersîvên min, bandor dikin.

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku ev dadmend min provokasyon dike. Di heman dema de ku ez di girtîgehên ‘Komarê Fransî’ asî dimînim ew destûre dide xwe ku ew ji min re dibeje ku doza min dema wî di şerê li hember terorê de, vala dike. Hin xirabtir ev e ku ew gotîna rêş bi kar tîne ya ku qet nayê qebûl kirin û çeteyên ‘Dewleta Îslamî’ wekî ‘dostên min ji DAÎŞ’ê,’ bi nav dike. Tev ku ev yekê tenê gotînek e, şîdetêkî e, ya ku qet nayê fêm kirin. Nayê qabûl kirin ku ev dadmend xwe mafdar dike ku ew ev gotîna herî reş bi kar tîne, hewl dide navê min heta asta herî jor reş dike, û bi vê rengê jî li ser bîranînên dost û rêhevalên min ên Kurd, Ereb, Aşûrî |Suryanî, Tirkmen, Ermenî, Tirk û enternasyonal ên ku di tekoşina li hember DAÎŞ’ê de şehid ketin, tif dike. Ez hin ji bo vê yekê hêrs im.

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku ev lêkolînkirin a nebêalî berdewam e, û dadmend rolê xwe naleze û berovajî ew tene ji bo alîya dadgehkirin kar dike û qet ji bo alîya parastîna min kar nake. Ew tu tiştekî ji derve senaryo ya ku berî hat amadekirin bi dest nagire. Lewra ew tene ‘kesayetê nerast’ a ku ji destpêkê heta dawî ji alîya DSGÎ’ê hat amadekirin, rewa dike. Ev yeke ne cihê rastî de û ji xewnên dîn û xwetirskirî ên ev polîsa siyasî tê. Lewra ez her tim wekî ‘rêberekî bihêz’ têm pêşkêşkirin, tev ku hemû awayên rexîştînkirin ên hiyerarşîk li dijî nirxên min ên wekhevîxwaz in.

Bûye ji 14 heyv zêdetir ku ez di şert û mercên herî xirab di ‘girtina pêşdadgeh’ a bê dadgehkirin hatime girtîgeh kirin. Pergalê tecrîdkirin wekî ‘eskenceya spî’ yan jî muameleya nemirovane ji alîya çend sazîyên mafên mirovahî re, tê pênase kirin. Bûye ji 14 heyv zedetir ku ez di tecrîdeke cehnemî û herdemî bi saxî hatim veşartin, bê kesekî ku ez dikarim pê biaxivim. Ez tene lê xirbebûna hişmendî û laşa xwe dinerrim û nikarim xwe bigihînim alikarîya psykolojîyê.

Di destpêkî de dadmend idîayên nerast dabû reveberîya girtîgehê ji bo ku ew dikaribû misoger bike ku ez ê li bin şert û mercên tecrîdê bimînin, û pişŧre vê yekê wî xwestibû ku daxwaza min ya berdanî tê red kirin. Wekî din jî dozger (prosekutor)’ê netewî ya li hember terorê ya Fransa aynî tişt xwestibû. Ji bo pêkanîna vê yekê wan raporê ‘DGSÎ’ a 7’ê Şibatê 2020 kem û zedê, kopî paste kir. Ev rapor bingehê vê bûyer e lê rastîya wi hin nehatîye îspat kirin û em hin nizanin agahdarîya tê de ji ku tê. Mafê me heye ku em ji xwe re bipirsin: armanca wan 2 salên şopandin, sîxûr kirin, qeydkirina deng, lêpirsîn û lêkolîn çî bû. Ji ber ku rastî yên ku idîayên nerast ên DGSÎ’ê berçav dikin, hatin veşartî kirin.

Nivîşgehê netewî ya dozgerê li hember terorê (PNAT) û dadmend her tim hewl didin tevlîhevî çebikin û dozâ min bi dozên terorîstên Îslamî re tevlîhev bikin. Lê ew baş dizanin ku min li hember DAÎŞ’ê şer dikir, bi taybetî li bajarê Reqâ ya ku tê dê erişên terorîst ên 13’ê Mijdarê yên li Fransa hatin rexistîn kirin.

Dadmend îdîa dike ku tirsê wî heye ku ez e kesên nediyar li ser rewşa xwe agahdar bikim, lê rewşâ min edî tê naskirin, bi taybetî ji ber ku DSGÎ û PNAT’ê ji rojê yekem şundê hemû agahdarî derxistiye. Lewra ew îdîâ dike ku ew li pêş kirina zext li ser şahid, qurban û malbatên wan, digirin. Lêbelê tû qurban û tû şâhidan jî tunene, ji ber ku sûç tunebû. Wekî din jî wî got ku tirseke wî heye ku hewldanêkî hevkar di navbera hevbertawanan û hevkarên wan ê derbikeve holê, lêbelê hemû hevbertewanan hatin berdan. Ji Cotmehê 2021’ê heta îro wî kesek ji derve min lênepirsiye, û ez mecbûr im ku ez bi sebr bimînim heta dawîya lêpirsîna xwe ji bo ku ez bikaribim daxwazê xwe ya berdanî, pêşkeş dikim. Di rewşekî din de çend ‘rastîyên’ ku dadmend di idîayên xwe bi kar anîn komîk xûyabûban: ku min mafê xwe ya serbestîya tevgerandin li Fransa û Ewropa bi kar anî, şewazê min a jiyanê, nerînên min ên siyasî, ku ez ji werzîş, mûzîka rap û mûzîka Kurdî hez dikim, hwd.

Dadmend erîsî dayikâ min dike û wê wekî garantoreke nerewa penase dike, bi sedem ku wê li pêş tevlîbûna kurê xwe ya bi temenîya 33 salî di nav refên YPG’ê û şerkirina wî li hemberê DAÎŞ’ê de, negirt. Carekî din, tevlîbûna min di vê şerê de tê tawanbar kirin. Wekî din jî dadmend rexne kir ku ez aplikasyonên şifrekirî (mina Whatsapp’ê, Signal’ê, Telegram’ê) bi kar tînim, yên ku gelê Firansa bi milyonan bi kar tînin. Bi dawî ew hemû peşniyarên din ji bo garantorên min (kar, mal, hwd.) red dike bê ku sedemek ji bo rexnekirina wan heye. Ev yekê rû dide tevî ku sazîya berpirsyar ango Xizmetên Probayşon û Entegrasyona Girtîgehî (‘SPIP’) nerînekî erenî li ser wan peşniyaran, pêşkeş kir.

Wê demê em dikarin ev yekê çawa fêm dikin ku dadmendê bepirpirsyarê berdanî û binçavkirin di destpêkî de lekolînek li ser îmkanîya berdanîya min bi ‘bazineke kehrebê’ (cehazekî şopandin) dixwaze, û piştre jî ew lekolîn berçav neke û peşniyarên lekolîn pêk nayîne? Zelal e ku di vê bûyer de ‘edalet’ qanûnên xwe bin pê dike û li gorî pergalê siyasî ya DGSÎ’ê de dimeşe.

Di vê dawî de ez tiştekî ji devê reveberîya binçâvkirina girtîgehê Yvelines (Bois D’Arcy) fêr bûmê, û ez spasîya wî ji bo axaftîna wî ya vekirî dikim. Wî got ku binçavkirin û tecrîdkirina min ji rojê destpêkî ji alîya kesayetên di astê herî jor de hatin ferz kirin, û bila ez yan ew çi dibeje yan çî dike, tistek ê naguherre. Ev yekê li derveya berpirsyarîya wî ye, doz ê qet nayê xwendin, û çi be bila be heta hilbijartinên serokê komarê tu tişt nikare bê guhertin.

  • Ji ber ku ew hewl didin çalakvan ên ku li ba Kurdan li hember DAÎŞ’ê şer dikir, tawanbar dikin.
  • Ji ber ku ev yekê ku wek ‘binçavkirina pêş-darizandin’ tê binavkirin ji bo ceza kirina nerînên siyasî tê bikaranîn
  • Ji ber ku ev îdîa tene ji bo manîpulasyona siyasî hatiye afîrandin
  • Ji ber ku îro tene wêrankirina hêbûna xwe ya bi rengekî gav bi gavê, li pêsîya min dimîne

Ez ji raya giştî re daxuyanî dikim ku ji îro şundê ango saet 6’ê evarê, Yekşem, 27’ê Sibatê 2022’ê, ez ketim grêva birçîbûnê. Anha tenê berdanîya xwe bixwazim, û li benda vê rojê ku ez dikarim milê derewîya vê tawanbarkirina bi şermê ber çâv bikim, bimînim.

Libre Flot



Obwohl er guter Stimmung war, gab er an, dass er in den letzten Tagen seine Körperkraft verlor. Ihm fällt es schwer aufrecht zu stehen, sich zu bewegen, etc.. Libre Flot hatte auf diese Einweisung ins Krankenhaus gewartet, um für kurze Zeit aus der Isolation zu kommen und direkten Zugang zu echten Ärzt*innen und ordentlicher medizinischer Versorgung zu bekommen, sofern dies notwendig sei.

Es dauerte letzten Samstag (19. März) neun Stunden, um auf ein einfaches medizinisches Formular für seine Verlegung ins Krankenhaus zu warten, zusätzlich dazu von schwer bewaffneten Cops umgeben zu sein.

Libre Flot beantragt immer noch seine Freilassung die ihm immer noch verwehrt wird, ungeachtet der vielen Male, die er diesen Prozess gestartet hat.

Weitet die Solidaritätsaktionen überall weiter aus.


Petition für die Freigabe von Libre Flotte:

Solidarity with comrades in France!