On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 9 comrades were arrested by the DGSI, the French anti-terrorist police unit, across France. In Toulouse, in Dordogne, in the Paris region, in Brittany, and in Rennes. Anarchists are accused of being “the criminal association planning a terrorist attack”. All but one comrade were released, some after months in pre-trial detention. They are awaiting trial and are placed under the judicial control. The defendants, not all of whom know each other, have been under surveillance for a long period of time, including digital surveillance such as planting recording devices in vehicles as well as physical surveillance.

The one comrade who is still incarcerated with trial, named Libre Flot,, is under solitary confinement with limited access to visitors.. The official reason given to justify this comrade’s continual detention, when all other defendants have been released, and in such conditions, is because the authorities and the court identify him as the leader of a “group”. This is how they rationalize the strict conditions of his detention – to prevent a so-called possible influence on other prisoners.

Earlier in February, Libre Flot’s appeal to be released and wait for trial without being held behind bars after more than a year of being in prison, was denied by a judge.

In order to support anarchists who are criminally framed into the “December 8th” group, the 8/12 Committee was formed in France. Up until now, international coverage of the case is non-existing due to the language barrier. Now, we need international solidarity and would like to appeal to comrades worldwide.