It’s been six days since our comrades started the hunger strike. He did so at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine knowing very well that this information would drown in the news about the war. That all efforts would be focused on supporting the resistance in Ukraine and the people fleeing from there. It’s amazing what support for Ukraine has gathered, even thought it also came with shortcomings and contradiction; racist sentiment and nationalist visions for the future to name but two of them. Our comrade would in the same way support people fight for freedom. He is in isolation, the method the state use to deprive us of connection and communication with others. He needs us in the same way we need each other, we can never win alone. A person with their body can resist the repression of the state, but without the access we have on the outside his voice will not be heard.

Here are a few thing you can do to support

    1. Make support actions and actions against the French embassy where you live

    2. Send emails to the embassy 

    3. Write articles about this and spread everywhere or spread info about the blog

Our everyday struggles are supporting our imprisoned comrade as well and though we don’t believe in the French state justice system, it is good to make sure they are aware that that we know what is going on.

The email could contain something like this:

To whom it may concern,

Six days ago a person who is imprisoned and isolated at Bois D’Arcy started a hunger strike. I’m sure by now you are very much aware of this. You may think that because of the invasion of Ukraine nobody will pay attention to a person starving to death inside of the walls of your prison complex. That nobody talks or shares with the world what is happening. You are wrong. If you isolate someone on terrorist charges but can provide no proof and have no reason for keeping him further then “he has a charismatic personality” you will not be taken seriously in the eyes of the people. The death of this person will be blood on your hands. How will you explain this to his family. How will you justify this publicly afterwards? If you believe that taking these measures before the election will provide votes and show strength I can tell you now that the mothers of killed Russian soldier invading Ukraine do not see the strength of Putin. They see their own children sacrificed as a pawn in the political games of nation states. I’m writing this to share this perspective. You are already aware of these things. The question that is being discussed at this moment is probably how unnoticed his death would be. If you can respond to the pressure of this person who gives his life for freedom. Consider this. Letting him go home most likely doesn’t mean that the investigation will cease, there is at this point not a vision of a change of society. So, if the interrogations so far gave nothing, and everyone else in this case are already released, there is nothing to gain to keep him on principles until he dies, but everything to loose. 


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