Below is the transcript of a recent message from Libre Flot:

After 17 days on hunger strike the institutions–well knowing what is happening–stay totally uninterested. While those close to me are more and more concerned about the health consequences and sequelae that this hunger strike will let for the rest of my life, what can I answer them? That anyway the consequences of this imprisonment already exists, that I already suffer in my body, that my spirit is already its own shadow, that the scars on my psyche require long care and that if I stay it will only get worse.

Here I’m witnessing the lost of reason of my neighbors, I hear them changing while months are passing. I hear some of them going insane. And what about me? Is my situation healthier, wrapped in my silence in a pantomime of student life that is no longer deceiving myself learning a foreign language while my memory is dislocating, thinking that I’m evolving spending a week on a half hour lesson that I know already. So degradation for degradation, what follows, follows. Let it be my choice, to utter this cry for life, to launch this cry for help. Take me out of this tomb. Silav u rez. Thank for your support.

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