UPDATE: 19th of March

Hello all. I would like to sincerely and simply thank all the collectives who organized this march against state violence for offering me and those close to me this space to speak and make my current situation known. Give them my profound respect for their initiatives, their struggles. These are struggles in which I can only imagine the dedication and risk involved, their length and difficulty. My participation was too small in these struggles, but I have listened and read many interventions of the different collectives and participants, generally families of the victims. I was always impressed by the strength and determination that shine from them, their tight analysis and their example.

This 19th of March 2022, beside the white torture the state has put me through for more than 15 months I don’t forget I’m still alive, I have access to medical care and a lot of other privileges that the people we honor the memory of today did not have.  I want to pay tribute to all the victims of the French state, to give my honest and humble support to their relatives, for truth and justice. Solidarity. Solzv u rez.

Libre flo.

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