Reflection on Situation in Ukraine

Current realities in Ukraine and the individual commitment of some people strangely resonate with voluntary efforts to combat DAESH. I’m not talking to far-right militants for whom ideology is based on the hatred of others, but to you, internationalists volunteers, who leave to fight for the self-defense of Ukraine and for the love of life.

To you who are today criminalized by mainstream medias and politics, you should know this: if you are political militants today, you are tomorrow’s terrorists in the eyes of the state. When you return, like me who joined the YPG and fought DAESH barbarians, this experience will be the sword of Damocles the government and DGSI (French intelligence services) will hang over your head.

You’ll be, for sure, watched and surveilled, your entire life rewritten, redrawn, reinterpreted. Simple jokes will become elements of your case when these institutions will need to use you for their political agenda.

I have been on hunger strike since the 27th of February, demanding that the state stops treating me as a terrorist despite the indifference of mainstream media and politics that function under a tombstone-like lead screen. I’ll end on these words from Ukrainian anarchists : “Freedom for the peoples. Death to empires!”

Libre Flot

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