25th day on hunger strike // Libre Flot is hospitalized.

Even when his spirit is up, he stated that his strength was going down these days. He has difficulties to stand still, to move, etc.. Libre Flot was waiting for this hospitalization to be able to leave isolation for a while and have access directly to doctors and proper medical care if necessary.

Last Saturday (19th March), it took 9 hours just to wait for a simple medical form for his transfer to the hospital, on top of that surrounded by heavily armed cops.

Libre Flot still appeals for his liberation – which is still denied to him regardless of the numerous times he launched this procedure.

Multiply the support actions everywhere.


Petition for the release of Libre Flot: https://www.mesopinions.com/petition/droits-homme/soutien-greve-faim-liberte-florian/173967

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